Maintaining Gut Health is the simplest way we can all improve our overall health & well-being, but most of us don’t realise WHY this is so important!

The Regul8® Digestive Tune-Up® is a herbal-based three-step process that cleanses, soothes and repairs the gastrointestinal system. The experts at Regul8®, share some insights into how an unhealthy gut impacts our health and why it is so important we take action now!

 70% of our immune system is produced in the gut

The last two years have made us more aware of our day-to-day health and how precious it is. What most of us don’t know is that the gut is where the majority of our immunity is produced! By eating a well-balanced diet filled with plenty of vegetables, limiting processed foods and keeping well hydrated we can keep our gut functioning optimally.  Add in a good quality pre & probiotic system like Regul8®, and this helps aid the balance of beneficial gut bacteria and boost the immune system (which aids overall skin & body health).

90% of your serotonin is produced in the Gut

Serotonin is our happy hormone and is almost entirely created in our gut! If you want to improve your mood and overall mental health it’s time to consider the health of your gut – Crazy as it seems, if your gut microbiome is unbalanced it can lead to anxiety, depression lack of sleep and brain fog. Regul8’s Relax formulation was created to help keep you calm and keep the stress out of your gut allowing your natural serotonin to do its thing!

There is 400 times more Melatonin produced in the gut than in the brain

Melatonin is the sleepy hormone – we all need a good night’s sleep, without it we simply don’t function properly. If your sleep pattern is off you can feel more stressed and turn to the wrong foods or alcohol. A healthy gut will keep producing the melatonin that will help regulate sleep patterns – team this with healthy choices such as regular bed and wake times and you will start to feel better with more energy.

Allergies can be helped with a healthy gut

Did you know that we can minimise the symptoms of an allergic reaction by maintaining a healthy gut? Diversity in the gut microbiome is incredibly important to its overall effectiveness, in short, the more exposure our bodies have to a variety of micro-organisms the lower our risk of developing allergies.

An unhealthy gut will lead to unhealthy skin

You can spend as much as you want on expensive creams, Beauty is more than skin deep! If your gut is not functioning properly, it is highly likely that it will reflect in skin issues. Inflammation in the skin often starts in the gut with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and rosacea being clinically proven to be gut related. You can temporarily treat them topically but getting to the root cause of the problem is the only way to revise these issues long-term.

Your gut is your second brain!

Gut instinct is real – our gut is full of brain-like neurons and neurotransmitters, and it really can influence our judgement. Primarily this second ‘brain’ managed the digestive system independently, however it is in constant communication with the brain. This area of medical science is continuously evolving, but think about that feeling of ‘butterflies’ in your tummy when you are anticipating something or of being ‘sick to your stomach’ when something doesn’t work out – THAT is your second brain speaking up and is why anxiety, nerves and even depression can be managed through good gut health.

Your gut is affected by the toxic environment in which we live…

Today, we live in an increasingly urbanised environment, and this brings so many toxins into our lives, overuse of antibiotics, processed foods and chemicals we encounter in everyday life can contaminate our gut microbiome, leaving it unbalanced.  This is why it’s more important than ever to control the environmental elements we are exposed to and keep our gut healthy.

“All disease begins in the Gut”

A famous quote attributed to the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates nearly 2500 years ago – he wasn’t wrong! Everything we eat or drink or expose ourselves to either feed disease or fight it. Our digestive tract forms a defensive barrier and prevents harmful substances from reaching the bloodstream. If this barrier is compromised, then harmful substances can get past, and inflammation can occur causing disease.

You are what you absorb not what you eat!

The real goodness from your food is absorbed through the walls of your digestive system – If your gut is damaged and unable to absorb you won’t get the goodness out of your food – it won’t matter how many leafy greens you eat! The Regul8® Digestive Tune-Up uses a three-step Weed, Feed & Seed process to rid your gut of all the nasty stuff, nurture the lining of the digestive tract and provide nourishment for the good bacteria. This ensures your gut is functioning properly and benefitting from all that good food you eat!

1 in 3 people have low stomach acid

Most people think that re-flux is caused by too much stomach acid, in fact, it’s the total opposite! Re-flux is one of the most common health issues Doctors prescribe for, we can all easily make positive changes to improve the acidic levels in our gut ridding us of the awful discomfort caused by re-flux.

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