Lusso Tan Tan Eraser 200ml


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Quick and easy: the wash off tan eraser makes for foolproof cleaning of unwanted and leftover product. Natural active ingredients work their magic in just ten minutes, answering all your tan removal prayers.

This hard-working hero strips away what you don’t want and leaves you with what you do want: cleansed skin with rebalanced pH. The optimal canvas for your next tanning application!

*Carry out a patch test before first use.
*Shake well.
*Apply generously to dry skin and build up a lather.
*Wash off with warm water six-eight minutes after application.
*Use an exfoliating mitt or cloth to remove leftover tan or residue.
*Suitable for use after every tan application.
*Do not apply to damaged, inflamed, or sensitive skin.
*Avoid eye area. Rinse with warm water immediately if the product comes into contact with the eye.
*Keep out of reach of children.

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