Lusso Tan Golden Glow Face & Hand Mist 100ml


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Show your skin a little love! Take the guesswork out of tanning tricky spots with our Golden Glow Face & Hand Mist. This lightweight and nourishing formula is infused with antioxidants to ensure a healthy, hydrated, and radiant glow.

Hydrates. Nourishes. Rich in Vitamins A & E. Vegan. Paraben & Alcohol free. Fragrance free. Suitable for sensitive skin. Suitable for use during pregnancy.

This colourless tanning water is a foolproof way to get a gorgeous, even glow. Vitamins A & E work to boost skin health and banish blemishes leaving you with a sunny, happy complexion.

*Ensure skin is clean and dry.
*When applying, hold the mist approximately 15 cm from face or hands.
*Alternatively, spray onto our Sunless Tanning Brush.
*Our Sunless Tanning Brush will also allow you to blend the product into hairline and wrists.
*Close eyes when misting over the face.
*Allow to dry and leave overnight for best results.
*Reapply every other night before bed.

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