Pregnancy is usually associated with a thick mane of hair and radiant skin – and for many, it is – thanks to the pregnancy hormones. Unfortunately, for some expectant mums, these hormones also lead to a host of unwanted changes in the body, and it is no surprise that these shifts often manifest on the skin.

When you are expecting your bundle of joy, you also have to start taking care of yourself and your body, and your skincare routine will have to adjust to the changes in the body. Pregnancy hormones can cause conditions such as dry skin, acne, flare-ups of preexisting skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, and the darkening of the skin in patches. Here is how you can safely take care of your skin and get glowing skin during pregnancy.

If you have dry skin

One of the earliest changes a new mum-to-be might experience is dry skin. Hormonal changes deplete the skins oil and elasticity, resulting in the dreaded dryness. As your skin stretches and tightens to accommodate a growing belly, hormone changes cause it to lose elasticity and moisture. This can result in flaky skin, itchiness, and other symptoms of dry skin. Try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking ample water. Topical creams and natural oils can also help soothe your skin and give it a much-needed boost of moisture.

We recommend using Herb & Mineral Mist to increase hydration and free water levels throughout the day and to give you all the nutrients your skin needs. Adding in Seba – E Oil or Herbal Pigment Oil will also help to replenish a compromised barrier.

If you’re dealing with melasma

When expecting, it’s common to develop blotchy spots of darker skin, a condition known as melasma or chloasma. Melasma is also known as the “mask of pregnancy” because the splotches appear in the shape of a mask around your upper lip, nose, cheekbones, and forehead.

We recommend using Herbal Pigment Oil as it is a perfect skin care treatment to brighten, smooth, and strengthen the skin while protecting against dehydration. This hydrating oil imitates the skin’s sebaceous flow and helps soften, brighten, and desquamate dry, discoloured skin while strengthening and replacing essential lipids.

We also recommend taking preventative measures to reduce melanin production. A daily broad-spectrum sunscreen, such as Environs RAD SPF 15, is an excellent place to start. Melanotech Drops are a potent formulation that not only brightens the skin’s surface but also helps to inhibit melanin production. Melanotech Drops are effective for both passive and severe hyperpigmentation and can aid in the prevention of pigmentation caused by inflammatory conditions such as acne and rosacea. Natural ingredients in Melanotech Drops include liquorice root extract, kojic acid, and mulberry. Melanotech Crème can be combined with Melanotech Drops to correct and prevent pigmentation in darker skin tones or skin genetically predisposed to hyperpigmentation.

Wear sunscreen at all times

We are all aware of the importance of wearing sunscreen every day, whether we are outside or indoors. Because your skin becomes more sensitised during pregnancy, it is critical to wear sunscreen that is appropriate for your skin. This reduces sun damage and helps control melasma, dark spots, and dull skin. Be sure to use a product with UVA and UVB protection before venturing out in the sun.

Avoid harsh products

You’re probably paying attention to what you put in your body, but what you put on your body is just as important. Some beauty, skin, and personal care products contain ingredients that can be absorbed into the bloodstream and can be harmful to a developing baby.

Ordinary acne-fighting and anti-ageing skin care treatments, such as retinol, salicylic acid, isotretinoin, benzoyl peroxide, and clindamycin, are excellent otherwise but should be avoided during pregnancy to avoid complications with the baby later on. It’s critical to discuss your beauty routine and the products you use with your doctor before introducing a new ingredient to your skincare routine, even if it’s natural!

Include vitamin C in your lifestyle

Vitamin C is one ingredient that most women have in their diet and lifestyle long before becoming pregnant. The good news is that vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that is safe to use during pregnancy and can help you achieve glowing skin. It brightens and controls the formation of dark spots and pigmentation, leaving you with happy and healthy skin.

A clinic favourite is Direct Delivery Vitamin C to stimulate collagen production, suppress pigmentation formation, protect against environmental damage, and regenerate healthy skin. This stabilised vitamin C formulation is perhaps one of our most potent skin-rebuilding tools. It is ideal for brightening skin tone and texture, fighting acne, darker skin tones, pigmentation, and scarring.

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