No matter where you look, practically every day there is a new product or trend that promises to banish wrinkles, reverse the signs of ageing and beat acne for good.

Yet one thing I have learned since I started on my own skincare journey many years ago, was that there is no quick fix solution: that each person has their own journey, based on their own unique biochemistry, that influences how their skin behaves, and looks.

Getting to know and understand your skin is half the battle, while finding the right treatment to work with your skin comes next. Taking a consistent, healthy and natural approach in the long-term, I believe, is what constitutes a successful skin care journey, and it is the ethos upon which my business, Michelle’s Skin and Beauty Clinic in Galway, is founded on.

Feed, Fortify and Finish

Specifically, my team and I advocate a Feed, Fortify and Finish approach which takes a more holistic approach to skin health and overall wellness. Essentially, we focus on nourishing the skin from the inside out, giving the body and the skin the support it needs to flourish and thrive.

You might wonder what inspired my passion for clean, natural skincare and wellness products that work from the inside out.

It was in fact my very own skin care journey, and the experience I had with stubborn skin conditions that at times, seemed immovable.

A few years ago, I excitedly underwent a skin scan with Environ, which to this day we continue to offer at our skin clinic.

I was quite surprised when the skin scan reported I had acne rosacea, because my skin seemed pretty much blemish free.

Yet after I had my second child, the condition flared up, leaving inflamed patches of red skin and acne across my face.

Thankfully, backed by almost 20 years of professional expertise and in-depth training, I knew there was a solution that could help combat the condition.

Buoyed by the evidence of the Advanced Nutrition Programme’s (ANP) scientific formulations, I started with Skin Accumax™, a patented supplement containing vitamins A, C, E and plant nutrients to support all layers of the skin. Skin Accumax™ is specifically designed for problem skin and was ideally suited to the Acne Rosacea I was experiencing.

Remarkably, it cleared almost all the condition, and I was just delighted with the results. There was however one small, very stubborn patch that remained under my right eye. This led me to the next step in my skin care journey, DMK, which uses the principles of biochemistry to repair disharmony within the skin.

Incredibly, despite the stubborn nature of that final red patch under my eye, DMK removed it completely. Finally, I could enjoy the clear, beautiful and healthy skin I loved, using natural, chemical free, supportive skin care products.

Why natural skincare is important

The fact is, the skin is the largest organ in the body and if you want to have a healthy life, you need to have healthy skin.

This means limiting the number of harmful products you expose your skin and body to on a daily basis, which is some cases can number in the hundreds, depending on what you eat, what products you use on your body, the products you use to cook, clean and work with, and the general environment around you.

Exposure to chemicals, toxins and environmental elements can impact your skin over time, causing everything from blemishes, inflammation, premature ageing and more. If you want good skin, you need to choose the most natural skin and body care products you can.

From the beautiful golden tans from Environ, to the organic make-up range from Jane Iredale, I have always chosen to stock the most natural products I can, knowing that it will deliver a much better result in the long term for you.

Call us for your personal skin consultation

When you purchase skincare products or choose to have a skincare treatment, it helps to know your skin specialist understands how you feel, the impact of your skin condition and are armed with the latest expertise and products to help you manage it.

My team and I have all experienced our own skin care journeys and are dedicated to supporting you with yours. As Galway’s only Environ Gold Salon, and with the latest range of leading natural products such as DMK, ANP, Hush & Hush and Jane Iredale, you can trust us to provide you with the right advice, and stick with it until we achieve the results you are looking for.

If you have a skin condition you would like to address, why not get in touch with me, or a member of my team, for advice today?

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