We have recently added the amazing Dermalux LED Photo-Therapy to our treatment offering. Read on to learn a little more about what it actually does and how it can benefit your skin….

Dermalux systems use only the three most clinically proven wavelengths delivered via our unique LED technology with a tolerance of +/-2nm. This ensures that all the light energy delivered into the skin is at the peak/intended wavelength. A first for the Photo-therapy market, the Dermalux MD range utilises unique and revolutionary ceramic LED technology to enable higher optical power output with improved thermal efficiency. Engineered for maximum power with less heat to ensure safe, consistent performance and reproducible outcomes with every treatment.


Light Emitting Diode (LED) Photo-therapy is a non-invasive treatment that targets specific non-thermal light to energise cells which triggers a cascade of bio-stimulation responses. It is scientifically proven for a wide range of indications including skin rejuvenation, acne and pigmentation, wound healing, psoriasis and pain relief.

Well evidenced for its regenerative and healing benefits, Photo-therapy does not transfer heat or create trauma making it particularly effective to treat problematic and inflammatory conditions. With one of the highest safety profiles, it is pain free treatment without downtime and suitable for all skin types.

LED Photo-therapy is now recognised as an essential skin care treatment due to its versatility and role in the foundation of skin optimisation and good skin health.


Photo-therapy, meaning ‘Treatment with Light’ is based on the principle that all living cells have evolved to absorb and be influenced by light. Light is a powerful energy and when applied correctly, has a significant impact on how we look, feel and perform.

The mechanism of action is a natural response similar to that of photosynthesis through a process known as photobiomodulation.

The human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself and light plays a crucial role.

The treatment involves exposing the skin to specific wavelengths or nanometers (nm) from the visible (colour) and infrared (invisible) part of the light spectrum. Wavelength selection is crucial to the success of the LED treatment as it determines how effectively the light is absorbed.

At Michelle’s we have The Triwave & The Flex, this allows us to tailor the treatment to suit the clients needs. we can treat face & body. And this will be available at both locations – Westside Clinic and The Beauty Rooms at Galway Bay Hotel.



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