Christmas can be a hectic time of year for everyone and thinking of the perfect Christmas Gift can be stressful. So we have created a simple Christmas guide from Michelle’s Skin & Beauty Clinic. Check out our Top Stocking Fillers Under €30.

Top Gift Ideas under €30:

The Puff by Make-Up Eraser: A great gift idea for 15.00. This handy pack contains 5 Puffs and a Laundry bag for easy washing. Each Puff is double-sided to cleanse, tone, & deeply exfoliate. Use your favorite cleanser & favorite toner with the plush side, then flip to deeply exfoliate with JUST water. Non-absorbent to waste less of your product.


Lusso Tan Bath Bombs: A simple gift that everyone will LOVE and perfect for the Tan Lover in your life! With lots of scents to choose from our Lusso Tan Bath Bomb is a nice gift Under €10. No, it’s not magic. But it might as well be! Thanks to its essential oils, which add a luxury sensation to any bubble bath,  each Bath Bomb will leave your skin soft, hydrated, and tan-free.


Environ RAD Antioxidant SPF: The perfect gift of anyone, we should all be wearing SPF on a daily basis no matter where we live or work. Rain, Hail or Shine! Our Environ RAD is suitable for all skin colours and all skin conditions. 100 ml tube is €29.95



Make-Up Eraser All Wrapped Up 5-Day Set: This festive themed set is €25. A sustainable makeup remover that is Eco friendly, vegan friendly and can remove makeup with just water!




Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Vitality Supplements: Feed the Skin from the Inside Out! This broad spectrum supplement contains vitamins and minerals that support normal healthy skin function. Help with the maintenance of healthy hair, nails & skin. 60 tablets for €30.




Make-Up Eraser Princess Collection: For the little Princess in your life. Our Disney Princess 7-Day Set includes: 7 Make-Up Erasers, one mini for every day of the week and only €25.




Glow Masks are the perfect stocking filler. Suitable for the whole family and priced at €18 for a box of 5. Infused with Jasmine and proven to help with anxiety and sleep, as well as improved mood, Glow Masks are the perfect addition to any lifestyle and night time routine.



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