Body Treatments

Immerse yourself in a revitalizing, intensely relaxing and deeply holistic spa experience originating from the Brittany coast in France. Using high-performance marine products with patented active ingredients to
achieve optimum results for slimming or skin quality, wellness is at the heart of every Phytomer body treatment.

Phytomer Body Treatments

Firming Body Wrap

Duration – Price

60 mins – €70

Tone and firm the skin with this deluxe body wrap, ideal after weight loss or pregnancy.

Leg Revival Treatment

Duration – Price

40 mins – €55

Tired, heavy legs, particularly those with fluid retention or tightness exercise, will relish this treatment that begins with exfoliation followed by a cooling mask which is then wrapped.

Satin Shimmer Treatment

Duration – Price

60 mins – €50

A sumptuous body exfoliation and moisturising treatment using marine salt crystals to buff away dead skins cells. Finish with body milk to leave the skin silky smooth.

Body Scrubs

Lighten Up: Luxurious Full Body Scrub and Body Butter

Duration – Price

60 mins – €65

Invigorate your senses with this full body exfoliation. After showering, enjoy a luxury body butter of your choice massaged into your skin for a soft, smooth result.

Back Scrub and Body Butter

Duration – Price

30 mins – €35

Event or party coming up? This deep exfoliation and application of hydrating body butter is the ideal accompaniment for a beautiful low-back outfit.

Back Deep-cleanse (Blackhead removal with steam)

Duration – Price

40 mins – €50

A targeted treatment for clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin that gently steams pores to lift impurities and aid exfoliation and extractions. Followed by a hydrating body cream, this treatment is ideal during swim season and for low-back outfits.

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