Applying a masque on a regular basis (weekly) assists in the cleansing of your pores and the removal of any impurities sitting on the surface of your skin. Whilst most of us cleanse daily, applying a masque every week simply takes cleansing to another level. You’ll notice your skin looking and feeling so much more hydrated and fresher. Using a masque also assists in the penetration of active ingredients deeper into the skin, therefore making your current products work harder and more effectively for you. And when we spend time and money ensuring we have the right product balance to achieve healthy, glowing skin, enabling them to work even better is key to getting the desired results. 

Environ’s  ‘Face Lift in a Jar’ is a firm favourite in the clinic! Environ’s Tri Biobotanical Revival Masque is formulated with alpha hydroxy acids which help to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin giving it a younger, fresher appearance. Revival Masque contains three acids with three different properties for the skin, Lactic Acid to help lighten and brighten the skin as well as increase hydration. Asiatic Acid helps the skin look more rejuvenated and Mandelic Acid helps brighten the areas on the skin that are discoloured from pigmentation.

We recommend starting with this Masque for 10 minutes approx – twice a week, building up to 20 minutes. Some client can tolerate this as an overnight masque after 4-6 weeks.

DMK’s Acu Masque – a home maintenance masque recommended for acne, congestion, blackheads, open pores and dull or oily skin. Reactive and rosacea skin will also benefit from this sulphur based masque. Acu Masque is a diverse and versatile mask that aims to fight acne-causing bacteria, purify the skin, soothe and reduce redness, and inflammation. For maximum efficacy, the masque uses bentonite which has the ability to absorb toxins and pull out impurities and congestion without harsh drying or stripping of the skin.

Cleanse and apply Acu Masque to clean dry skin. After 20 minutes remove with warm water and apply your DMK serums, oil and crèmes. Alternatively, for a deeper home treatment apply after using the DMK Micro Peel and follow with your DMK serums, oils and crèmes.


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